Sunday, March 28, 2010

the calmness of his posture ... آرامش مرد

مرد سیستانی با دستار سفیدی که بر سر بسته بود و آرامشش مرا به خود می خواند 
با خود می اندیشیدم و هنوز می اندیشم چه چیز در زندگی به ما رضایت می بخشد؟
چه ما را آرامش می بخشد؟
مرد سیستانی در نگاهش مرا پاسخ می داد

Again another elderly man from Sistan( one of the most ancient districts and civilizations in Iran).
This question that "What make me happy and give me satisfaction? " waves in my mind and i think about it almost everyday.
This elderly man and the calmness of his posture draw my attention to that question again. It seems to me that he was poor but he look calm and i wish i was there with him, walking and talking.

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