Thursday, November 29, 2012

A memory

" nothing is more important than the artist and his thoughts..." Thats the answer of my mentor ,Joseph Zbukvic, when i asked him about the watercolor paints and paper and other things like that. It was about two years ago I guess and we were chatting on Facebook.
I knew that he was right but it takes about two year that i believe in it...
This is my work of last day workshop in Qom, with cheap materials... But i like them so much...
I hope you like it...
Please write me about your experience and ideas about the materials... Which materials do you use...which one do you love best...
" ابزار اهميتي ندارد، اين هنرمند است كه اهميت اساسي دارد در پروسه نقاشي" اين پاسخ حكيمانه استادم جوزف زبوكويچ بود به سوال من در مورد اهميت ابزار و رنگ و كاغذ و موارد ديگر.
شايد دو سال طول كشيد تا من مفهوم اين حرف را درك كنم... اين نقاشي من در كلاس ديروزم است با ارزانترين ابزارهايي كه تاكنون به كار گرفته ام. خودم كه نتيجه را دوست دارم، اميدوارم شما هم همين نظر را داشته باشيد.
شما با چه ابزارهايي كار مي كنيد، كدام ها را بيشتر دوست داريد؟ لطفا برايم بنويسيد.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

David Taylor

Tonight before going to bed for sweet dreams i want to talk with you about one of the great persons who helped me in the process of the way of seeing with new eyes.
He's no-one but David Taylor.
David is a great painter, and i learnt a lot by reading his book, SOLVING THE MYSTRY OF WATERCOLOR.
you can find this book on Amazon.
Good night my mentor... Good night ...