Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hafez tomb in shiraz

some weeks ago I was in Shiraz one of the most beautiful cities in iran , the city of Hafiz and Sa'di ( two famous iranian poets )
i went to hafez tomb and sit there and think about that great man  ..
I do this painting and some other there on site ...
i like this one ...
here to you Hafiz as you give me inspiration throughout of my life .
چند وقت پیش سفری کاری داشتم به شیراز، سفری یک روزه . 
فرصت شد که بر مزار حافظ شیرازی حاضر شوم و کمی آنجا با خودم خلوت کنم 
چند نقاشی هم کشیدم که این یکی از نقاشی هایم در آن روز است 
تقدیم به تو حافظ  

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sketching and my sketch books ...

Nowadays I work on my paintings for sending to SanDiego watercolor society international show in the US and the second competition of watercolor biennial in china .
i try painting outdoors regularly and some of these paintings worth exhibiting, I guess. there are lots of feeling and energy in these pieces.
but i do sketch more and more week by week in city scape and town and i do really like this process.
i have two sketch books one in small size and another in a bigger size .
today i like to show you two of my sketches in my sketch book.
i think sketches can be used as a great material for painting a very bigger version .
a caffe' at the middle of the way in the jungle. 

a bridge in north of iran. with misty weather. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

after a gap

i think it is about two months that i haven't publish my paintings here and there were some reason for it and the most important one was because of the filtering of Blogger here in my country.
ok not a problem.
i hope that my weblog would come back to its routine and you can read my posts and watch my paintings day by day.
چند وقتی بود که نتوانستم وبلاگم را به روز کنم و دلیل اصلی آن هم فیلترینگ سایت بلاگر بوده است. بعد از این مدت امیدوارم که وبلاگم به شرایط عادی برگردد و به صورت روزانه کارهایم را اینجا ببینید. 
با تشکر 
this is a painting of the entrance of the " sheikh lutfullah mosque " in Isfahan 
this week I had a two day trip to isfahan for painting, I would publish more photos and paintings of that memorable trip soon.