Friday, February 28, 2014

No time to work , no time to think

Dont remember the last time I've posted here on my blog, but these days and nights were full of anxiety and other bad feelings. Not knowing that what is the right step or wrong one... Anyway most of the times when i feel like this, I think and say "I'm here, and to be is BETTER than NOT TO BE. " .
I'm alive and being sad or anxious is a sign to that.
Hope to work more and more and feel better and better.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Great Artist and great film ... راس پترسون استاد نور و سایه

it was a great experience watching Ross Paterson's workshop DVD 
" Summer Light In Watercolor" 
it seems to me that I had to write even few lines to thank this great artists for sharing his ideas to me ... 

پس از مدت ها شروع کردم به دیدن فیلم های آبرنگی ام 
و این بار با راس پترسون 
پترسون از سری استادهای استرالیایی است که با تلاشی امپرسیونیستی ساختاری از نقاشی را دنبال می کنند که در آن به نور و سایه و جوهر لحظات توجه اساسی می شود 
پترسون که مدرک خود را در رشته گرافیک گرفته است مدت بیست سال در مدرسه راهنمایی هنر تدریس می کرده است و سپس به دنبال علاقه خود یعنی نقاشی به صورت تمام وقت به نقاشی پرداخته است 
من در نمایشگاه دوسالانه شانگهای یکی از آثار او را از نزدیک دیدم و به راستی کارهای جذابی دارد 
او به نقاشی در محیط باز و بهره گیری از حس دست اول پایبند است و اثر این مساله در آثارش به خوبی مشهود است 
فیلمی که از پترسون موجود است پیرامون آبرنگ و نور تابستان درنقاشی است . 
دیدن سایت راس را به شما پیشنهاد می کنم 
 دیدن کار کردن او برای من بسیار جذاب و آموزنده بود 

و چند اثر از راس 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter and the snow

It's winter days... And i've started to capture the snow... And the purity of it...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

John singer sargent's watercolors

After weeks of waiting, at last i've received my copy of "The Watercolors of John Singer Sargent by Carl Little. It was another hope of mine to read a book on his great masterpieces of watercolor.
I've started translating this great book in persian and hope that i can touch this book in persian with the photos of the masters priceless watercolor paintings.
I believe in hopes... So keep on trying harder and harder...
Here is the link to this book... You can buy it on amazon

And here you can see some paintings by J.S.Sargent

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A friend's exhibition

Today is the first day of a great exhibition in Tehran, Iran.
One of my friends and the member of Shargh Watercolorists group, Ali Golbaz has his first one man show after becoming member of our group. It was great experience for me to start the group activity with this energetic, and passionate painter. Being with him filled me with inspiration for more and more work and thinking, as i think one of the most important part of painting and other great activities are mind work.
Anyway, tonight my wife and I with our one year old daughter went to the Kamal Behzad Gallery in Tehran where, Ali's exhibition opened tonight.
If you are here in tehran you better not miss this show, as i think thats one of the best of this year in this region.
Here some photos of my journey into Ali's day dream world.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A memory

" nothing is more important than the artist and his thoughts..." Thats the answer of my mentor ,Joseph Zbukvic, when i asked him about the watercolor paints and paper and other things like that. It was about two years ago I guess and we were chatting on Facebook.
I knew that he was right but it takes about two year that i believe in it...
This is my work of last day workshop in Qom, with cheap materials... But i like them so much...
I hope you like it...
Please write me about your experience and ideas about the materials... Which materials do you use...which one do you love best...
" ابزار اهميتي ندارد، اين هنرمند است كه اهميت اساسي دارد در پروسه نقاشي" اين پاسخ حكيمانه استادم جوزف زبوكويچ بود به سوال من در مورد اهميت ابزار و رنگ و كاغذ و موارد ديگر.
شايد دو سال طول كشيد تا من مفهوم اين حرف را درك كنم... اين نقاشي من در كلاس ديروزم است با ارزانترين ابزارهايي كه تاكنون به كار گرفته ام. خودم كه نتيجه را دوست دارم، اميدوارم شما هم همين نظر را داشته باشيد.
شما با چه ابزارهايي كار مي كنيد، كدام ها را بيشتر دوست داريد؟ لطفا برايم بنويسيد.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

David Taylor

Tonight before going to bed for sweet dreams i want to talk with you about one of the great persons who helped me in the process of the way of seeing with new eyes.
He's no-one but David Taylor.
David is a great painter, and i learnt a lot by reading his book, SOLVING THE MYSTRY OF WATERCOLOR.
you can find this book on Amazon.
Good night my mentor... Good night ...

Friday, October 12, 2012

My watercolor course 01

My watercolor and presentation class is every wednesday, 7:30 am to about 7 pm in Qom, Iran. If you were around here it would be such a pleasure to have a visit and drink a cup of coffee and talk.
On my first session of the course i started with an exercise and give the students a photo and ask them to draw and paint it with whatever medium they like and after that we talk on the results and i started my demonstration on pen, market and ink .
Working with ink and pen and working with marker would help the watercolor artist to have a better understanding of tonal values.
The results was a pleasure.
As a watercolor artist, watercolor and ink is a way of meditating and feeling relaxed for me.
And its such a great times when i left every other thinking aside and looking for a way of narrating a scene for other and with the least brush strokes i say everything that looks necessary to be told...
This is a way
A lovely journey of pleasure of painting with passion...
Here is some of my demonstrations for the students...
كلاس هاي درك و بيان من در قم هر هفته چهارشنبه ها ساعت ٧:٣٠ صبح تا حدود ٥ بعد از ظهر تشكيل مي شود و بسيار مايه ي خوش وقتي خواهد بود اگر در اين نزديكي هستيد همديگر راببينيم و گپي بزنيم
اين هفته من فعاليت آموزشي بر روي تكنيك ارايه با ابزارها را شروع كردم
در ابتدا تصويري به هنرجويان ارايه شده و از آنها خواسته شد تا آن را بكشند
و سپس بر روي آثار كشيده شده به بحث و گفتگو نشستيم
و بعد من به ترسيم و توضيح پرداختم
سعي در توضيح پايه هاي تفكري
و ارايه با مداد، ماژيك و آب مركب
نتيجه لذت بخش و عالي بود
استفاده از ماژيك و مداد و ترسيم توناليته ها كمك زيادي به روند تفكر مناسب در هنگام كار آبرنگ مي كند
به عنوان يك نقاش آبرنگ ابزارها و فرايند فرصتي براي آرامش و لذت براي من فراهم مي آورد
در زير چند تصوير از روند ارايه من مي توانيد مشاهده نماييد.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Watercolor thinking 01

One of the factors that i used to it is trying to capture what the scene is about by a tonal value sketch, it helped me a lot. In this way i can arrange my attack in watercolor process.
I think this tonal value sketches are usually great piece of art indeed.
I see art students that do not like to do this step by step process.
I give you two examples of using tonal value and the final results.
The photo is from the book " solving the mystery of watercolor" by David taylor.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Starting my class in Qom

Its about two weeks that i've started my class in sketching and presentation for architecture students in Qom. Qom is a city about an hour south of Tehran, the capital city of Iran.
Qom has lots of wonders for me. I started my journey from an old bazaar in this city. This bazaar is about 700 years old and it's such a wonder walking and wandering around it.
This an sketch from the center of carpet stores...
از ابتداي ترم پاييز من به عنوان استاد درس درك و بيان معماري كار خودم را در مركز آموزشي فني و حرفه اي قن شروع كردم
اين مساله به من فرصت داد تا بيشتر با شهر خودم آشنا شوم
من گشت و گذارم در شهر را از ميدان كهنه و تيمچه هاي آن شروع كردم
نقاشي در اين محيط هاي جذاب خيلي لذت بخشه

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Watercolor as a way of seeing the world

As an artist it seems to me that watercolor for me is a new way for better understanding of the world...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Thinking to the contrasts

Thinking to contrasts is such a vital part in watercolor painting
Light against dark
Warm against cool
Small vs big
Painting by David Taylor
Afternoon shaddow

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New start

From the last time i posted on my blog passed some days, or even more.
I would try my best to post my paintings again here on daily basis
Pray for me

Saturday, August 4, 2012

رويا ها

گاهي اوقات به غايت نا اميد مي شوم و آن وقت از زندگي هيچ نمي خواهم
آن وقت است كه احساس مي كنم حال گروهي از مردم را مي فهمم
كساني كه ديگر زنده بودن را تاب نمي آورند
آنچه مرا به زنده بودن وا مي دارد اميد است
اميد ورويا
رويا ها موتور پيش ران من هستند
وقتي از اميد و رويا خالي مي شوم زندگي جز يك مساله ناخوشايند نيست برايم
و البته حضور همسرم يك كمك بسيار بزرگ است
زندگي با اميد بسيار زيباست
اميد اميد اميد
و رويا

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The hills

I liked the sky of this scene
Hope you enjoy it too...

I don't know what's wrong with this app... But you have to click the photo for viewing the whole painting