Tuesday, June 10, 2014

kerman Grand Mosque

i like the turquoise color of the facade in Iranian mosques . 
that's one of the aspects that you can see some of the best samples of it during Safavid Era like Sheikh lotfullah mosque in Isfahan. 
here you can see my painting of Kerman grand mosque. 
من عاشق کاشی های فیروزه ای محراب های مسجد هستم که بعضی از بهترین نمونه های آن مربوط به دوره تیموری و دوره صفوی است. 
اینجا نقاشی من از سردر و جلو خان مسجد جامع کرمان را میبینید. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

zavareh Grand Mosque .... ورود به مسجد جامع زواره

one of the things i like in painting is contrast of dark and light and cool and warm .
all these contrasts are the key factors in Iranian cities in deserts.
i like the architecture of these cities, mosques, tall walls and cool shadows in the alleys, Qanats, in these places you can feel the essence of water and coolness of it ...
you like to let your bare foot stay calm in going water ...

Zavareh is a city based in the center of Iran, in deserts and here you can find one of the mosques dates back to Saljuk-era.
for this painting i choose this mosque and i try to replicate the essence of what an entrance means for this mosque, which sharp contrast of sun beams and cool shadow in the entrance.
you can find more about this city and mosque from wikipedia.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Yazd Grand Mosque ... مسجد جامع یزد

thanks God ... 
i have started painting again :) 
i have several projects , an i hope that i can do all . 
the first one : Painting sacred places in Iran, places for worship . Mosques. 
and the second : translating " John Singer Sargent's Watercolor " book to persian and publishing the book. 

به امید خدا دوباره کارهای آبرنگم به صورت جدی شروع شدند 
دو پروژه در دست اجرا دارم که به مرور از هر دو پست هایی اینجا خواهم گذاشت. 
یکی پروژه فضاهای مقدس ایرانی ... مساجد است 
و دیگری ترجمه کتاب " آبرنگ های جان سینگر سارجنت "