Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the old traditional house

this was an sketch of a traditional iranian house in Isfahan .. 
i like the simplicity which watercolor offer me ... 
thanks guy ... ( i mean watercolor ;) ) 
tone is my great friend as is the colonel of my army in dreams battle ... 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

shaddow and light ... the other side of my soul

this is one of my paintings in coming exhibition of Shargh Watercolorists Group in Iran.
 when I check my thoughts and my styles one of the dominant parts is the light and shaddow 
I think that this is the essence of watercolor painting that it reveals the artists soul and inner thoughts .. 
and I like this aspect of this medium
in real life the light seeking and knowing the darkness is one of my continuous endeavors ... 
and of course my world is in pure light ... with dark shadows ...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

the flowers and the Lady in red

this was a painting that I did it when my baby " Bahar " was sleeping in my arms .. 
and this was a vase of flowers ... 
i tried to capture the calmness of this composition and the brilliance of that rose in red ... 
it seems to me that it is like " the lady in Red" 
Dear Bahar, you are my lovely lady ... 
and I imagine the night that you wear your Red night dress as a bride . 

Monday, December 12, 2011

new event ... new born .... و تو متولد شدی

this post is not related to watercolor directly, but it had a great effects on me and the way I look at the world .
it is about a month that i step in a new world and I become father.
now I am the father of a girl, a beautiful girl. this is a great feeling and I suddenly find myself in Wonderland.
my daughters name is " Bahar" ( in persian it means Spring. the spring season. ) and i feel the spring breeze and the blossoms in her lovely face.
 the cutie in her fathers hug. and the painting of a bunch of flower . 
i do believe that you are more beautiful than the flowers. 
welcome home dear Bahar . 
your father .