Monday, June 21, 2010

my lady's Painting... نقاشی های زیبای همسرم

همسرم همچنان در کنار من نقاشی می کند و من همچنان از دیدن کارهای زیبای ایشان مشعوف می شوم 
مطمینم اگر به تمرین ادامه دهد یکی از آبرنگ کاران بزرگ خواهد شد 
this is another painting by my beloved wife. I really love watching her watercolors. 
what a great painter she would be if she keeps on painting and practicing. 
Wish her Luck 
Love you . 


  1. Muy sugerente. Como todos tus trabajos.

  2. Mojtaba, your wife surely has talent as a painter. This watercolor is very nice, give her my congratulations. Ciao!

  3. i think so dear tito.
    she is a great painter and she is a great support . thank God.


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