Saturday, September 18, 2010

the bazaar and rain... بازار شمال

this was a scene of a bazaar in north of Iran, where the heaviest rains fall in the year.
I like the dampness of weather and the smell of fishes and vegetables.
I miss North of Iran ( we call it SHOMAL) and Caspian sea.
it was exactly last year at this time we were in Shomal with my fiance, we had such a great moments there ...
I hear the wind that sing " wish you were here ... "

بازار شمال در زیر رگبار باران دلنواز ... 
و آرامش 
و شور مردم در این هوا 
دلم هوای شمال را کرده 
هوای گشتن در این بازارهای دلنواز همراه همسر مهربانم 
چند شب پیش بود که " ماهی ها عاشق می شوند " را می دیدیم با تو
وقتی به این فیلم می اندیشم عنوان این کتاب پروست در ذهنم ی درخشد " در جستجوی زمان از دست رفته
و چه فضاهای نابی داشت ... 
این هم جند اسکیس از آن فیلم و آن شب به یاد ماندنی
Here you can see some sketches that I've made while we were watching a movie named " Fishes fall in love"; that was very sensual movie and I can call it  " Search for lost times."

سالهاست عنوان این کتاب مرا به خود می خواند تا در فضایش غرق شوم
امیدوارم زمانی آن را بخوان


  1. I love your figures watercolors! With so few brushstrokes you capture perfectly their look! I envy your skills, Mojtaba, if you don't mind I add your blog to my blog's list.

  2. dear Tayate
    thanks for your kind comment.
    I think so about your portrait and I add your blog to my blog list too.
    wish we could have a good cooperation with each other ...

  3. Bazaar and rain is very moving. All that you describe on this atmosphere, I feel i) in your painting. Sincerely, moving.Kind regards.


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