Monday, May 17, 2010

painting freely... خواهر زاده ام و نقاشی رها

خواهر زاده ام کنارم نشسته بود و داشتم فیلمی از استاد زبوکویک را می دیدم به مریم خواهر زاده ام گفتم تو بیا نقاشی کن 
و او شروع کرد 
و من از راحتی اش در نقاشی بسیار لذت بردم
 " همه  بچه ها هنرمندند، مهم آن است که یادمان بماند که ما هنرمندیم و ایرادی ندارد که هنرمند باشیم  
 I was watching a movie by Master Joseph Zbukvic and my niece, Mary, was with me. i asked her to paint if she wanted ... and she said ok 
she started painting and it was a wonder for me how free was she ... 
i love the  fluency in children's painting. and i think thats the essence of great painting, not to be anxious and only think and joy the process.
here she is with my colors and Habico chinese style mopped brush


  1. Beautiful paintings full of life. I can see your niece is a happy child. Congratulations on her paintings.
    Love the music on your blog. Cheers

  2. من سعید هستم
    و خوشحال هستم
    و بیدار هستم
    و من سعید نیستم
    و من دایی مرتضا هستم
    و از طرف سعید هستم
    و خوشحال هستم

  3. Hola
    Me entretengo en tu blog Mucho.
    Es Muy Interesante.


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