Monday, May 9, 2011

Sketching and my sketch books ...

Nowadays I work on my paintings for sending to SanDiego watercolor society international show in the US and the second competition of watercolor biennial in china .
i try painting outdoors regularly and some of these paintings worth exhibiting, I guess. there are lots of feeling and energy in these pieces.
but i do sketch more and more week by week in city scape and town and i do really like this process.
i have two sketch books one in small size and another in a bigger size .
today i like to show you two of my sketches in my sketch book.
i think sketches can be used as a great material for painting a very bigger version .
a caffe' at the middle of the way in the jungle. 

a bridge in north of iran. with misty weather. 

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  1. A very expressive watercolors, a lot of strength, I like


whats your idea? شما چه می اندیشید ؟