Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hafez tomb in shiraz

some weeks ago I was in Shiraz one of the most beautiful cities in iran , the city of Hafiz and Sa'di ( two famous iranian poets )
i went to hafez tomb and sit there and think about that great man  ..
I do this painting and some other there on site ...
i like this one ...
here to you Hafiz as you give me inspiration throughout of my life .
چند وقت پیش سفری کاری داشتم به شیراز، سفری یک روزه . 
فرصت شد که بر مزار حافظ شیرازی حاضر شوم و کمی آنجا با خودم خلوت کنم 
چند نقاشی هم کشیدم که این یکی از نقاشی هایم در آن روز است 
تقدیم به تو حافظ  


  1. Great work! I love the effects with dry brush. It has a really nice luminosity...

  2. Poéticas manchas de color

  3. dear tayete and dear paqui thanks for your nice comments.


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