Sunday, May 8, 2011

after a gap

i think it is about two months that i haven't publish my paintings here and there were some reason for it and the most important one was because of the filtering of Blogger here in my country.
ok not a problem.
i hope that my weblog would come back to its routine and you can read my posts and watch my paintings day by day.
چند وقتی بود که نتوانستم وبلاگم را به روز کنم و دلیل اصلی آن هم فیلترینگ سایت بلاگر بوده است. بعد از این مدت امیدوارم که وبلاگم به شرایط عادی برگردد و به صورت روزانه کارهایم را اینجا ببینید. 
با تشکر 
this is a painting of the entrance of the " sheikh lutfullah mosque " in Isfahan 
this week I had a two day trip to isfahan for painting, I would publish more photos and paintings of that memorable trip soon. 

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whats your idea? شما چه می اندیشید ؟