Sunday, October 7, 2012

Starting my class in Qom

Its about two weeks that i've started my class in sketching and presentation for architecture students in Qom. Qom is a city about an hour south of Tehran, the capital city of Iran.
Qom has lots of wonders for me. I started my journey from an old bazaar in this city. This bazaar is about 700 years old and it's such a wonder walking and wandering around it.
This an sketch from the center of carpet stores...
از ابتداي ترم پاييز من به عنوان استاد درس درك و بيان معماري كار خودم را در مركز آموزشي فني و حرفه اي قن شروع كردم
اين مساله به من فرصت داد تا بيشتر با شهر خودم آشنا شوم
من گشت و گذارم در شهر را از ميدان كهنه و تيمچه هاي آن شروع كردم
نقاشي در اين محيط هاي جذاب خيلي لذت بخشه

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