Friday, February 28, 2014

No time to work , no time to think

Dont remember the last time I've posted here on my blog, but these days and nights were full of anxiety and other bad feelings. Not knowing that what is the right step or wrong one... Anyway most of the times when i feel like this, I think and say "I'm here, and to be is BETTER than NOT TO BE. " .
I'm alive and being sad or anxious is a sign to that.
Hope to work more and more and feel better and better.


  1. painting is always a good therapy Mojtaba. Just sitting in nature, looking at it and paint it the way you see the beauty in it. It doesn't change anything but will give you some comfort and rest, Your watercolors are good and nice to look at. In Holland the landscape is completely different from the Iranian. I like seeing Iran through your eyes and paintbrush. I do hope you will feel better soon and wish you happiness

  2. Dear Jan ...
    thanks for your kind comment .
    and hope I can reflect the beauties of my surrounding to you ./

  3. You have a very nice blog, and the music is lovely.


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