Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the old traditional house

this was an sketch of a traditional iranian house in Isfahan .. 
i like the simplicity which watercolor offer me ... 
thanks guy ... ( i mean watercolor ;) ) 
tone is my great friend as is the colonel of my army in dreams battle ... 


  1. سلام، بابا Mojtba مبارک!
    کار خود را تازه ، پر جنب و جوش و زیبا است! نگه دارید تا. ماه مه 2012 یک سال فوق العاده را برای شما خواهد بود!
    بهترین آرزوها، Sadami

    Hi, Happy Daddy Mojtba!
    Your work is fresh, lively and beautiful! Keep up. May 2012 will be a wonderful year for you!!!
    Best wishes,Sadami

  2. hallo, I just discovered your beautiful watercolours. Congratulations! I share some passions with you: watercolour, Joseph Zbukvic (I have 3 DVD's) and JS Sargent. I have a wife and a little girl (2 years old). What is the beautiful music on your blog?


whats your idea? شما چه می اندیشید ؟