Monday, December 12, 2011

new event ... new born .... و تو متولد شدی

this post is not related to watercolor directly, but it had a great effects on me and the way I look at the world .
it is about a month that i step in a new world and I become father.
now I am the father of a girl, a beautiful girl. this is a great feeling and I suddenly find myself in Wonderland.
my daughters name is " Bahar" ( in persian it means Spring. the spring season. ) and i feel the spring breeze and the blossoms in her lovely face.
 the cutie in her fathers hug. and the painting of a bunch of flower . 
i do believe that you are more beautiful than the flowers. 
welcome home dear Bahar . 
your father . 


  1. Congratulations! And welcome in the world, Bahar! She is very beautiful!

  2. Wonderful, congrats to you and you wife !! Welcome little Bahar ! She is a so pretty baby.


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