Tuesday, August 24, 2010

narrow alley near my father in law house ... کوچه باریک و ظهر داغ

I didn't know what i wanted to paint ... so i started walking around .... I took a taxi and after that a bus to go to the north of the city ... but after about an hour of walking i was disappointed so I came back to the house of my wife's father. near their house there was this narrow valley that I wanted to paint it so much ... so I started the painting ...
and that was such a great excitement.
And of course it was about 4 p.m and it was so hot ...
I tried it in two versions... the first one was on a Winsor small watercolor pad ...
and this is the next one ... on a bigger paper...

جمعه بود و من بسیار دلم می خواست نقاشی کنم ... بتابراین از خانه بیرون زدم و راه افتادم ، ولی عصر را آمدم تا ونک و از آنجا با اتوبوس های تمیز بی آر تی تا تجریش ... و چقدر خنک و دلپذیر بود در این اتوبوس. 
تا تجریش رفتم و آنجا قدم زدم ولی چیزی ندیدم که بخواهم بنشینم و بکشم ... 
این شد که راهم را کشیدم به سمت خانه 
دوباره با اتوبوس آمدم تا ولی عصر 
و پایین تر .. 
نزدیک خانه پدر خانمم که رسیدم این کوچه تنگ بود که همیشه مرا به سمت خود می خواند ... 
همان کنار نشستم و. شروع کردم 
ولذت عمیقی مرا در بر گرفت 
و آفتابی که مرا می نگریست .


  1. Both paintings are so good, amazing! And music. Pure pleasure to see and to hear.


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