Saturday, January 30, 2010

معنویت و سایه- Sprituallity and Shaddow calmness in a sunny Day

نچه مرا به این صحنه جذب کرد گرمای خورشید و سایه های کشیده بر سطح زمین بود که مردم را به خود می خواند
و معنویت حرم
انتخاب با شماست
سایه برای جسم شما و معنویت حرم برای سکون و آرامش روح
This is a great scene of Summer Sunny day with long Shaddows
its too hot in the sun shine... and the shaddows are so tempting
its up to you, to choose shaddows and nearly closing stores or relaxing in calmness of Holy shrine spirituality

detail of painting
a woman, with her familly maybe her husband in shaddows
on the shrine Entrance

Painting size
25x35 cm

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